It is a TB Screening app, where the sound of cough of an individual is recorded by a medical practitioner along with their demographic, clinical and socio-economic variables and processed in real time, leveraging machine learning to detect if the cough is TB positive or negative. TimBre was presented at the 50th Union Lung Conference, held in Hyderabad, India last year in 2019. The final abstract link is given below, refer to S112 20191101_UNION2019_Abstracts_Final 20191101_UNION2019_Abstracts_Final  

TimBre Non-Invasive
TimBreArtificial Intelligence
TimBre Easy To Check

If you would like to pilot OR deploy our solution, please write to us at partners@docturnal.com OR call - 91-96767 21717

TimBre - Accessibility, Affordability, Effectiveness & Pro-activeness

  • 3M out of 10M cases from India
  • Alarming number of unidentified cases
  • 1:3 :: infection: contagiousness
  • MDR (drug-resistant) TB is on the rise


  • Proactive Screening Methods
  • Education, Awareness, Social stigma
  • Unidentified, uncured and drug-resistant cases.
  • Base of pyramid & other segments

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