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My Tryst with Cancer

I have been reading some books on Cancer Survivors – Anup Kumar (The Joy of Cancer) and Sean Swarner (Keep Climbing).  While I am not mentioning the author names, due credit goes to them in capturing the intricacies involved in... Read More

Imaging and Imagination

Almost seventy five percent of cases referred to imaging department are either without any history or without a provisional diagnosis. So its the onus of the radiologist to diagnose just by looking at the images provided. They say... Read More

HbA1c at your finger tips!

Yes that’s what I literally mean in that you do not have to visit your favourite diagnostic centre or someone from a diagnostic centre visit you to draw a sample of your blood.  The test can happen in the comfort of your house... Read More

Oral Cancer – The Two Extremes

In India we often find the roads and walls painted red and the reason for this is nothing but the after effect of chewing a processed form of betel nut a.k.a  ‘Ghutka’.  Recently the Government of India imposed a ban on the packaging... Read More

Losing money over a lost Kidney

Time was ticking and I was unable to find the left kidney on a routine scan. Finally, I gave up and asked the patient for any previous history of any surgical removal or investigations suggesting absent kidney since birth. To my disbelief... Read More

Sweet Route and Frozen Shoulders

In the last few years, I have come across a lot of people I know personally who have become SWEET around forty years of age. I mean they are diagnosed of DIABETES. Initially, I also thought it was a coincidence. But of late I am convinced... Read More

Prenatal Diagnostic Act – An Environmental Disaster

Every month, I wonder how much paper is wasted just to abide by the PNDT(Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques) Act. Briefly, let me explain what this act basically means. It came into force in 1994 and main focus was to prevent misuse of... Read More

Decoding Human Genome & Obesity

New England Journal of Medicine reported that there is no direct correlation between Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes. Until the recent past we all religiously believed that the obese had a greater chance for Type-2 Diabetes. I am... Read More

Insulin – Mix

A lot of type-I diabetic patients in the country do not have an idea on what is the mix all about. You keep pumping a biphasic mix (30/70) twice a day and that’s it.  One portion of the mix being short acting and other a long... Read More

About docBlogs

In my honest opinion, blogging for docturnal is an absolute freedom of thought in the medical space. An unbiased approach by a handfull of visionary folks who want to express their thoughts about the industry for heart, diabetes,... Read More