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Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) – Blockers/Inhibitors

There are a lot of naturally available weeds, fruits, flowers and vegetables that affect the TNF pathways. The most popular ones are curcumin (compound from turmeric), catechins (from green tea), and cannabinoid receptors (cannabis). In simple terms these provide anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting Tumor Necrosis Factor.

By anti-inflammatory effect, what I mean as an example is arthritis (joints), psoriasis (skin) and sometimes a cancerous condition. The other day while driving for work I saw this nice picture of a facial clinic which had a hoarding of ripe bananas (dark spots) with a title – BEFORE and unripe bananas titled – AFTER for acne treatment. Now the banana moves from being unripe to ripe and this hoarding did not make sense to what I was visualizing. A lot of social networking sites reported that a Japanese scientist had confirmed the effect of a ‘ripe’ banana that can trigger a TNF inhibiting property. The point here is not to support the finding nor discard it. The fact of the matter is that a banana in its ripe form produces spots on its skin and the spot color gets darker as days pass by. Of course there should be a mystic connection between the dark spots and conditions around TNF. Why would elephants eat plenty of bananas just like we breathe air? By the way, these are herbivores and have huge bodies and strong joints are very critical for its mere day to day activity/existence. Often people with Psoriasis are advised to rub the banana peel on the skin lesions for relief.

Why Banana?

Now talking about the bananas, back when I was a kid I would hear the street hawker selling bananas yelling – ‘chitey wale mouze’ and in English this literally means spotted bananas. Why would the guy emphasize on the spots. Maybe because they are sweet. Regardless of the claims made by the Japanese scientist, one needs to understand the benefits of a banana which can provide:
- instant energy
- rich in fiber
- antidepressant effect

Most importantly let’s not forget that recent Olympic silver medalist and athelete, Yohan Blake consumes 12 ripe bananas every day as a part of his diet. For swimmers this is an instant power food.
To conclude, are you going to stop your vehicle starting this week to purchase a dozen
– ‘चित्तीदार केले చుక్కల బనానాస్ دیکھا کیلے ’ aka spotted bananas. I am sure it would be worth whether you care about TNF blockers or not. The only caveat is that overly ripe bananas cause high blood glucose levels for folks with diabetes. They could limit it to one a day for reaping the most obvious benefits and burn the extra sugar by a walk in the park.

In the subsequent articles, let’s cover the benefits of certain other naturally available TNF blockers.

Published on : Oct 25th, 2012

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