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Drug Adherence – Tuberculosis

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Treatment of tuberculosis (TB) takes six to nine months and sometimes longer. The tablets you take may cause some side effects such as itchiness or an upset stomach. The bacteria that cause tuberculosis could become resistant to treatment if you do not take your medication regularly. Avoid drinking alcohol while on tuberculosis treatment. Some times when drugs dont work, a condition called Multi Drug Resistant TB is categorized for a given patient. The percentages differ however for each drug and the responsiveness

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Tuberculosis treatment – Better Health Channel

Published on : Nov 6th, 2013

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Rahul Pathri
Rahul Pathri is the founder/CEO for Docturnal. He has a bachelors in Biology with an Executive Management from IIM Calcutta. Currently assumes the role of a Data Scientist & has been an IT guy in his past life working in the US biotech industry as well as Multinationals in India.
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