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Docturnal Private Limited, established in April 2016, is a point of care screening and diagnostics provider of non-invasive and proactive detection of diseases. Its flagship products include TB Screening and Diabetic Retinopathy Detection.

Docturnal products are designed to make detection of diseases easy and hassle free. Means that, they are accessible and affordable to the last mile.

Endorsed by IIIT-H, AIRmaker Singapore, AIM Smart City, Startup Nexus and BIRAC, Docturnal is looking to pilot in 50 hospitals, in the next six months.

Piloted in hospitals in Hyderabad and soon to be piloted in the hospitals of the city of Taj. Docturnal products have joined India’s fight against diseases that are listed as the top reasons for death in developing nations.

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Point of Care and Real Time results driven leveraging Machine/Deep Learning under the Umbrella of Telemedicine.


Meet Our Team


Rahul Pathri

Founder CEO

rahul@docturnal.com rpathri

Vaishnavi Gutha Reddy

Data Scientist

vaishnavi.reddy@docturnal.com vaishnavireddy

Shekhar Jha

Bioinformatics Scientist

shekhar.jha@docturnal.com shekhar-jha